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Sunday, April 24

The Well Oiled and Hot Wheeled, Bishop Jordan

In honor of Justice Sunday, I bring you Miracle Oil from Bishop Jordan

Seems, “The Master Prophet has been Commissioned by God to create another "Prophetic Anointed Oil Blend"

“Sister D.M. of NYC, gives a Miracle Oil - Praise report.
Her six year old grandson was left alone on the subway, by a sitter. She had just sowed her last $52, for the Miracle Oil. After learning about the mishap, she first called the Master Prophet. She was instructed to calm down and put her faith in God. The Prophet said "I see your grandson on Broadway". The child got off of the bustling subway car alone and walked home safely from Broadway. He was covered by the Miracle Oil.
Sister D.M. cried "Thank You, Master Prophet!"

And from another page on Bishop Jordan’s website

“Date: 3/18/2004 11:30 AM
Tomorrow (March 19) former Run-DMC group member Run, now known as Reverend Run will honor Bishop E. Bernard Jordan for playing a part in bringing the rapper into the church.

At 6:00 pm, at Zoe Ministries on 310 Riverside Drive & 103rd Street, Reverend Run and his wife Deaconess Justine Simmons, will present Bishop Jordan with a $325,000 2004 Phantom Rolls Royce.”


“As Seen on TV

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I found Bishop Jordan on TV this morning while trying to avoid watching the installation of the Pope. That sounds weird doesn’t it? Installing a Pope? When I think of installation, I tend to think of stuff like air conditioning units. Any way, I was clicking all around the TV channels and what to my wondering eyes should appear but this guy, Bishop Jordan. He was selling his wares. I didn’t hear him mention how the $325,000 Rolls Royce was working out for him. I did see on the screen while he was talking, that they accept all the major credit cards. I’m still wondering what they do with their money. These days they probably need the money to gas up the Holy Rolls.

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