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Saturday, April 16

The Ultimate Hillary Attack is Coming

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The fascist mainstream media is already alerting the public that a tell all book which doesn't come out until the fall will prevent Hillary from running for president. What the hell could they possibly have on her that is worse than anything bush did? Well nothing. You're right. They make shit up. This book is probably brought to you buy the folks that brought you the Not Too Swift Boat Liars for Fascism.

The fascists better not try to convince us that if she were a better wife, her husband wouldn't have made BJ's the national craze it is now. Yes, all the high school kids of today were read the Starr report before bedtime every night by their mommies and daddies and then they became oral sex fanatics. It's all Hillary's fault. If she kept his wee wee busy 24/7 none of this would have happened.

But what a bunch of paranoid male white weenies. Do they ever stop? Why don't they just fucking nuke the middle class and cut the crap already. Stop pussy-footing around, for gawd's sake.

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