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Wednesday, April 20

Tom DeLay is angry that Justice Anthony Kennedy does his own research on the Internet (the one and only, not the other Internets Bush spoke so stupidly about during the presidential debates) and read some international law, not just good ol' constitutional law.


"Absolutely. We've got Justice Kennedy writing decisions based upon international law, not the Constitution of the United States? That's just outrageous," DeLay told Fox News Radio. "And not only that, but he said in session that he does his own research on the Internet? That is just incredibly outrageous."

Conservatives have been pushing to get the Senate to confirm President Bush's most conservative judicial nominees, which Senate Democrats are blocking. The House has no power over which judges are given lifetime appointments to the federal bench.


However, DeLay has called repeatedly for the House to find a way to hold the federal judiciary accountable for its decisions. "The judiciary has become so activist and so isolated from the American people that it's our job to do that," DeLay said.

One way would be for the House Judiciary Committee to investigate the clause in the Constitution that says "judges can serve as long as they serve with good behavior," he said. "We want to define what good behavior means. And that's where you have to start."


Gore Vidal wrote a terrific line that describes just such a fellow as DeLay. In his magnificent play, The Best Man, Vidal said that he didn't "mind someone being a bastard", what he minded was someone "being such a stupid bastard."

Tom DeLay will not resign. No he thrives like the cockroach he is on this sort of attention from media. He is playing to his audience. He has them convinced that he a leader, a statesman. And the sad thing is, people believe it. Yes, people were in the media protesting DeLay, but he isn't in any real trouble and he won't run the risk of being defeated until he embarrasses the people of his district. They don't care that he is a stupid bastard. They just don't want him to be an embarrassing bastard.

They aren't embarrassed. They love him. He is there kind of fascist, a common one, a typically banal one. And there isn't a chance that a Democrat can beat him. What he fears and what Sugar Land needs is a Republican that is credible, capable, and respectable to run against him. And that simply isn't going to happen unless someone with millions of dollars and name recognition, and the rock star magnitude of a Roger Staubach or Tom Landry or Moses or Jesus Himself runs.

Jesus would have to get a hair cut and a shave and a coat and tie to get elected from this district. He is too liberal on the death penalty and he openly hangs out with prostitutes and unemployed people. He didn't serve in the military, he doesn't believe in hate, and he hasn't been in a church since he pissed off all those money lenders.

So Tom is hear to stay until someone leaves a microphone open and Tom utters before the faithful, "That ought to keep the little bastards."

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