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Thursday, April 21

Tom De Lay: Boo Hoo

Whenever the media reports something that is true, the neocons go crazy accusing the media of being "liberal" and of course promoting an "agenda".
"Democrats are trying to waylay us and the liberal media is playing their game. We've got a bunch of 527s out there funded by (billionaire activist) George Soros and heavy hitters hooked up with these do-gooder groups like Democracy 21, Common Cause, and they have got this strategy. They announced it, I mean it's publicized that they have this strategy and they are trying to carry it out," he said. (faux news)

All this scrutiny has brought DeLay closer to god. I thought he was Jesus's right hand man already.

In today's news Republicans reverse their decision and decide to investigate DeLay.
But Democrats said the concessions outlined by Hastings did not address their chief objections to rules changes the Republicans pushed through in January, most notably a new provision that would cause a complaint to be dismissed - rather than lingering in limbo - if the chairman and ranking minority party member cannot agree on whether to take the case.
Republicans now say that the Democrats don't want the Republicans to open ethics investigations and are making excuses...

In AOL news today:

Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., escalated the conflict by indicating that Republicans are ready to investigate allegations of Democratic wrongdoing.

In a radio interview with broadcaster Sean Hannity, Hastert said there were ''four or five cases out there dealing with top level Democrats.'' He did not name them.

''There's a reason they don't want to go to the ethics process. As long as they can keep somebody dangling out there like they have with Tom DeLay, they take great glee in that,'' Hastert said.

Let the mud slinging begin. Let's watch them all self destruct.

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