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Monday, April 18

Strike Two for Bolton

BoltonOften Blocked Information, Officials Say WashingtonPost
Iran, IAEA Matters Were Allegedly Kept From Rice, Powell

This Bolton character seemed to play the role of a filter when it came to intelligence. If the information the analysts found didn’t fit his plan, he tossed it. If he couldn’t toss it, he hid it. Isn’t it strange that every time we put one of these specimens under the microscope we find bacteria, often times deadly.

Yeah, but what the heck? Let’s send him to the UN now and tell the entire freakin’ world that that’s what over fifty percent of this country is all about. Oh sure he appears to be a crooked, abusive, lie telling creep, but for a country that lied to the world and then invaded a country based on those lies, well, you know, he’s represents that side of America. He represents the side of America that sees no problem with lies, deaths as a result of trumped up wars, capital punishment, gun totting, cheating, starving children and lack of heath care for its citizens, but don’t mess with our fetuses.

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