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Monday, April 25

Remember the last energy crisis?

Remember we were careful about energy consumption? I do. It was patriotic to conserve fuel. Auto makers began to produce cars that used less gasoline per gallon. President Carter didn't light the White House Christmas Tree to show solidarity with the Americans who were sacrificing for the greater good.

Fast forward to today. Oil prices are soaring, oil companies are raking in profits like crazy and getting tax breaks, and arctic drilling may soon be a reality. Have you seen how big the new SUV's are? I drive a regular car. I wear a sweater in the house. I'm paying for this gluttony. Fuck me.

Wouldn't it have been prudent to pass on tax credits to auto makers so they can produce energy efficient vehicles? Why are oil companies getting the breaks? The energy bill that passed the House is a joke.

We are in deep fascist shit. What's this?
Vice President Dick Cheney met on Sunday with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah ahead of the Saudi's talks Monday at President Bush 's ranch, where oil prices, terrorism and democratic reforms in the Middle East will top the agenda.

Cheney and Abdullah met at a hotel where Abdullah was spending part of his five-day stay in the United States. The White House refused to provide details about the meeting.

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