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Saturday, April 30

Murder? Miracle? Manipulation!

At first the TV news thought they had themselves another Laci Peterson story. A young woman was missing and she resembled a young, Mary Tyler “all American girl” Moore. Plus she looked a tad like Laci Peterson too. She disappeared while jogging one night, only days before her wedding. They had pegged her husband to be the possible villain. The groom-to-be luckily had a faint resemblance to Scott Peterson. The TV news was off and running wild with their 24-7 coverage of this woman’s disappearance. They thought they had themselves a juicy murder.

Well, last night there was a change of plans. Seems, according to the TV news this morning, the missing woman called home last night and she told her family she had been abducted by a man and woman in a van. These two people had driven her to New Mexico and now she was free. As yet no details beyond that, except the “abductors” had cut the woman’s hair.

Change the headlines. The spin on the story this morning is that it was a “miracle” that she’s alive and safe. It’s all because the family is very religious and they all prayed a lot. Apparently God stepped in on this one. They all prayed, God listened, and there ya go. We got ourselves a verifiable miracle.

How amazingly coincidental this whole story is to the current fervor of kinky religious, mumbo jumbo news. The man who was suspected to be a possible murderer yesterday, is today “a good Christian man”. See? Talk about miracles. Transformation happens real fast in today’s TV news world.

Change the headlines. Now the woman says she wasn’t abducted, she just ran away. No murder. No miracle. No story.

Well, at least the TV news tried. They did their damnedest to keep this story alive as long as they could, even if it had no merit. But you got to give them credit, they were able to keep God in their headlines, and dead soldiers and dead Iraqis in their footnotes for a little while longer. And now days that doesn’t take a miracle, just good old manipulation.

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