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Friday, April 29

more pornography from florida

"The plight of a 13-year-old Palm Beach County foster child, who is pregnant and wants an abortion, is pitting children's advocates against Florida's child welfare agency, which has custody of the girl and has asked a judge to forbid her from ending her 13-week pregnancy.

The Department of Children & Families, which has been responsible for the girl for many years, argued to a West Palm Beach judge Tuesday that the girl is too immature to decide for herself whether to carry the pregnancy to term."

She is too immature to decide for herself if she can carry a pregnancy to term, so that means the State of Florida is responsible enough to decide she should carry the fetus to term. She got pregnant while in the State of Florida's custody. She wouldn't stay in their children's home, ran away, and got pregnant.

The State of Florida needs to worry more about how this young woman got pregnant in the first place. If she was sexually active with an adult, the adult needs to be in the custody of the State of Florida.

The State of Florida needs to teach 13 year olds that if they are going to engage in sexual activity that they may become pregnant. They need to be teaching it in the public schools and in the state homes.

Grown men and women in the Florida Legislature and the welfare administration are actually attempting to require this young woman to carry the fetus to term. If the girl wants an abortion, the State of Florida should not attempt to stop her. If they do they are saying that the state should protect unborn fetuses rather than living, breathing, sexually active children. The State of Florida has done such a good job protecting the girl, why not give them a chance to manage the fetus, too.

Does anyone think that there might be something wrong with forcing a child to give birth to a child? Can't Florida see how violent that notion is? What a great political opportunity for the State of Florida to show dominion over the body of a teenage woman. Does anyone think that the mental health of this young woman might be in peril if she is required to carry the fetus to term? Will she be able to raise this child in foster care? Is Florida going to supervise her and her child? Until she reaches 18 in five years? Are they going to educate her and train her for a job? Are they going to provide day care for her infant until it is ready for public school in five years?

This is another chapter in violent pornography. Terry Schaivo was porn. We got to see the perfect woman, mute, not complaining, compliant. We could project all our fantasies on her image. This 13 year old is much the same. There is a pedophilic interest in her body. The idea that the State of Florida can force her to be pregnant must really turn women haters on. A helpless, child woman, a Lolita, dependent, sexually active and fertile, ignorant, yet sophisticated, giving her consent, not able to consent, a vessel for the whole secret hypocrisy of teenage life in America. Men and women of power deciding for the girl who is powerless except for the power of creating another life before she has her own.

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