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Tuesday, April 26

Keep on Preaching George

As Rev. George bush has traveled around the country, spending god only knows how much of our money, he has preached to many choirs in the US. Perhaps the Rev. bush should have spent some time preaching to the congregation because according to the Washington Post he is failing with his message.

“The biggest changes in opinion came on Social Security, which Bush has made the principal domestic priority of his second term. Three in 10 (31 percent) approved of the job Bush is doing on Social Security, while 64 percent disapproved, an eight-point increase in disapproval in a month. Only a third said they trust Bush more than the Democrats to handle the Social Security issue, a new low for the president.

In little more than a month, there has been a double-digit shift in sentiment. In mid-March, 56 percent favored private accounts, compared with 45 percent in the latest poll, which marked the first time in Post-ABC News polling that less than half of the public supported allowing workers to invest some of their Social Security contributions in the stock market.”

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