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Friday, April 22

Johnny's Back In The News

From the KWWL (NBC) Waterloo, Iowa website CLICKHERE:

"If you lived in Iowa during the 1980’s, you've heard about Johnny’s disappearance and his mother’s agonizing search. You may not have heard conspiracy theories involving satanic pedophiles connected to the U.S. government, kidnapping and selling kids into prostitution and forcing them into pornography, but Johnny's mother, Noreen, says she believes that's what happened to Johnny. Even more unusual, Noreen believes Johnny is still very much alive, and once again, in the limelight."

So Gigi is back, this time in the main stream media if you don't count the Des Moines Register, which I don't because it's an AP rag.

Here to me is the most fascinating quote of the article:
"Some people suggest Jeff Gannon to be the product of government training. An operative who uses sex to black mail government officials."
Which might explain why some congresspeople vote in irregular patterns ("Hey Senator Jizumjaws, either vote the way we want you to or guess who is going to get a picture of you diving on the dong of a gay male prostitute.)

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