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Wednesday, April 27

John Kerry Must Be Reading Blogs

Looks like he finally got with the program. Maybe he read my post the other day where I suggested that the energy bill benefits big oil companies and perhaps the tax credits should go to automobile makers in order for them to make gas efficient vehicles and find alternate fuel. Heh, like I'm the only one who thinks this. Anyone with half a brain had already figured this out... years ago.

Is it possible that a politician actually cares about human Americans and not corporate Americans? He sounds positively anti-fascist:

“We can no longer allow America’s dependence on foreign oil to compromise our energy security. Instead, we must invest in inventing new ways to power our cars and our economy. I’ll put my faith in American science and ingenuity any day before I depend on Saudi Arabia.

“The administration’s energy policy works for Saudi Arabia, it works for big oil and gas companies, but it doesn’t work for the American people. The president’s energy bill, by his own admission, does nothing to lower gas prices; will increase oil imports by 85% by 2025; and 95% of the tax benefits in the package – over $8 billion – go directly into the pockets of big oil and gas companies.

“Jawboning OPEC nations to increase production is short-term solution to a long-running problem. We need to invest in America’s energy future – not Saudi Arabia’s – and the only way to do that is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.” -John Kerry 4.25.05

Hat tip to L&P, Mad Mustard and Auntie Roo, faithful informants in our blondesense community.

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