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Wednesday, April 27

In Case I Ask,

"What kind of business are you in"?--henceforth to make it easier for you, just answer, "Making money". Don't give me any bee-ess about "education" or "health care" or "insurance" or "journalism", etc. Here's the lead articles in this a.m.'s Iowa City Press-Citizen:

"UI proposes requiring insurance
University of Iowa students might have to reach deeper into their pockets if a new idea sparked at the state's largest public university becomes policy."
"UI raising patient fees?
University Hospitals officials next week will ask for a 9.5 percent patient fee rate increase for the third year in a row."

The two ideas above remind me of bush's Social Security privatization plan which is nothing more than a "make-work" plan for Wall Street brokers. You can catch the entire articles here.

I suppose in the interest of full disclosure I should reveal that I receive compensation for posting articles and opinions on this website. Sorta. What compensation? Well, every once in a while after I write something particularly brilliant, Blogmistress Blondie will send me an e-mail which says, "You ain't such a dumshit after all".

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