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Thursday, April 21

If You Aren't Making the Salary You Should Be Paid

It may be because YOU'RE UGLY!

Good Looks May Mean Better Pay
Analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis suggests that good-looking people tend to make more money and get promoted more often than those with average looks. The analysis is published in the April edition of The Regional Economist, the Fed's quarterly magazine.

The researchers cited one study that found a "plainness penalty" of 9 percent in wages — meaning a person with below-average looks tended to earn 9 percent less than those with average looks — and a "beauty premium" of 5 percent.

A study concerning weight showed that women who were obese earned 17 percent lower wages than women of average weight.

Height matters, too, the researchers believe. One study looked at the height of 16-year-olds and the wages they earned later as adults. The taller teens went on to earn an average of 2.6 percent more per additional inch of height.


"It hurts employment in the long-run because there are talented people out there who are not tall, blond, slender and attractive," Seawright said.

I was going to say, no wonder Coulter gets so much attention, but she is certainly not attractive... well sort of for a drag queen... nah, nevermind.

But seriously this story raises a point about all this cosmetic surgery going on these days, doesn't it?

And yes, the women at blondesense, make more than you do...

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