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Wednesday, April 20

The Holy Thumb

Last week on the Jesus' General site I commented about a photo of then Cardinal Ratzinger. Check out this guy's thumb and you'll see why I left the following comment.

“I believe he has a penis for a thumb. I don't believe I have ever seen something like that before. I'm pretty sure I haven't because that would be something I'm sure I would remember. Yes, I'm positive I have never seen a man with his penis growing on his hand. One must wonder, does he have a thumb where his penis should be? Might we find out before he becomes the HEAD of the Catholic Church? I should think that would be of concern, but I'm not even Catholic so perhaps I should just return to the kitchen and continue baking for Jesus.”

I must make a confession here. I lied about baking for Jesus. Bless me Father for I have sinned, but please don’t touch me with that strange looking digit.


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