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Friday, April 22

Happy Day, Mother Earth

You’re right, it isn’t so happy. Today we should apologize to you for all that we have done to your creation. We are the only inhabitants on your earth who have in our insanity and greed destroyed so much of your beauty and grace. We have gouged your earth and plundered your forests. We have corralled your animals and we have razed your trees. We have poisoned your air and as a result poisoned ourselves along with all other creatures. We have allowed your crystal waters to become streams, oceans and lakes of disease.

We have wasted and we have ruined what you gave us. Many of us fight for you but few of us succeed when we go up against the those who see your gifts as only a means to their wealth. Just yesterday the House of Representatives of the US voted to rape your land once again. They plan to enter into the virgin territory of Alaska in order to feed their selfish needs. They don’t see you as we do. We honor you and respect you. They see you as an old whore who has been used so much that you no longer feel the pain. They believe you will always be there for their needs and then they chuckle at your vulnerability as they walk away from you with the insane notion that you will be there the next time they want something from you. They believe your gifts to be limitless.

We know better than that, don’t we Mother Nature? We know you will give what is needed but you find it more and more difficult to exist if you have nothing left here on earth to care for. When there are no forests or wild creatures, when there are no more clean waters or clean air, when there is nothing left on earth but the humans who destroyed it, what will you do then? I imagine you will leave us to our own demise. But for today Mother Nature, thank you for what you give us and please forgive us for not taking better care of your gifts.

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