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Tuesday, April 19

do pharmacists dream of implanted Blastocysts?

"In some states, legislators are pushing laws that would explicitly grant pharmacists the right to refuse to dispense drugs related to contraception or abortion on moral grounds. Others want to require pharmacies to fill any legal prescription for birth control, much like Governor Blagojevich's emergency rule in Illinois, which requires pharmacies that stock the morning-after pill to dispense it without delay. And in some states, there are proposals or newly enacted laws to make the morning-after pill more accessible, by requiring hospitals to offer it to rape victims or allowing certain pharmacists to sell it without a prescription." from the New York Times

If I had just been raped or had a girlfriend who had been raped and we could not get "the morning after" pill from a pharmacist, I wonder if I could ask them to raise the child of my rapist. May be it would be more difficult to obtain the abortion since abortion clinics, doctors who perform them or the hospitals where I can legally obtain them are getting more and more difficult to find. Some counties in Texas do not have abortion facilities. Talk about your "undue burden!"

• In 2000, 87% of U.S. counties had no abortion provider. 1/3 of American women lived in these counties, which meant they would have to travel outside their county to obtain an abortion. Of women obtaining abortions in 2000, 25% traveled at least 50 miles, and 8% traveled more than 100 miles.

• In 2000, 93% of Texas counties had no abortion provider. 32% of Texas women lived in these counties. In the South census region, where Texas is located, 32% of women having abortions traveled at least 50 miles, and 10% traveled more than 100 miles.

• In Texas, 10 metropolitan areas lack an abortion provider: Abilene; Amarillo; Killeen-Temple; Longview-Marshall; San Angelo; Sherman-Denison; Texarkana, TX-Texarkana, AR; Tyler; Victoria; Wichita Falls

At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time she reaches age 45. Where the hell are these women and why aren't they in the streets over this issue? You got yours, do you care if anyone else can have one?

Do pharmacists mourn for the fertilized egg that my uterus may shed without my being aware that I was pregnant?

These pharmacies that won't carry the morning after pill and or fill prescriptions for birth control pills--do they have ads for Viagra? Do they care those "male enhancement" drugs? Do they allow men with criminal records for rape and sexual assault purchase those insurance covered drugs? If women must be pregnant, men who rape their wives, girlfriends, and strangers must not be allowed to purchase drugs that enable them to use their penis to rape. Why aren't pharmacist working to stop rape? Why aren't they as angry about rape as I am?

How much longer are we going to allow our right to control our bodies slip from our grasp? What have you done today to fight this violence you and other women? Boycott those stores that won't stock or won't fill prescriptions. It is the store that is hiding behind the pharmacist's so-called conscious. What if the pharmacist refused to fill black people's prescriptions? They would violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The pharmacist could not refuse to serve black people so they would be fired. So why not sue the pharmacies and the pharmacist for violating women's civil rights by refusing service to her?

If these pharmacies won't carry birth control for women, demand that they stop carrying condoms, too. Demand that they stop carrying Viagra. That way cheating men will impregnate their mistresses and we can all go down to the court house and argue about the child support for these unwanted children.

Do you really want Hell-Mart to ensure unwanted pregnancies? Do you really want them to make your choice for you?

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