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Thursday, April 21

Districts and Teachers' Union Sue Over Bush Law

"Opening a new front in the growing rebellion against President Bush's signature education law, the nation's largest teachers' union and eight school districts in Michigan, Texas and Vermont sued the Department of Education yesterday, accusing it of violating a passage in the law that says states cannot be forced to spend their own money to meet federal requirements."
Catch the entire article in The New York Times.

Gee, georgie, seems like people are fighting back. We might be bidding bye-bye to Bolton and Delay and now this. georgie, why don't you call up Berlusconi in Italy and Gutierrez down in Ecuador and ask 'em for help. Oops, guess they have problems of their own. Tony? Nah, he's busy too; from what I hear, the next election there is going to be close--and probably fair, since that's Britain and not the U.S.

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