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Tuesday, April 26

Dangerous Path........

Those who do not follow the actions of the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives had best begin taking notice of decisions made regarding cuts in Medicaid and social services.

Republicans elected to office in November, including our new state senator, Bill Stouffer and our baby faced, asswipe governor, Matt Blunt, vowed not to increase taxes. The implications of those promises will have a devastating impact on the working poor in this gawd forsaken state.

A single mother who receives more than $350 a month in income will no longer be eligible for Medicaid. How many of us could live on $350 a month and provide medical services for our children?

Several years ago, then senator James Mathewson was instrumental in a program to encourage work rather than welfare. Those successes will be totally set aside by the budget decisions made last week by the Missouri Senate. Bless their hearts. Families matter here and no child shall be left behind!

Much of the Republican talk coming out of Jefferson City ballyhoos the cuts as reducing fraud in Medicaid payments but does not address the needs of Missourians who face the future without health care.

Increases in funding for elementary and secondary education is being touted as an achievement for legislators. And gawd knows public schools sure as hell will need those extra dollars as teachers and administrators deal with sick, homeless, and hungry children. The burden of care has been shifted to educators to deal with the problems caused by legislators failing to solve the ongoing issue of adequate medical care. So much for the buck stopping here.

Children will not be the only ones to suffer if the current budget becomes law. Elderly persons will no longer be able to stay in their own homes. A myriad of services will not be available for those least able to care for themselves. Jesus must be so proud!

Our state representative needs to know that the people of this state are concerned about the children who will be deprived of health care, the elderly who will go without needed services, college students whose tuition will increase due to cuts to higher education, the disabled, the mentally ill. Yes, they're balancing the budget the old fashion way. On the backs of the poor and elderly.

Missouri apparently thinks its the Christian thing to do for those less fortunate. Many of our state officials, including our state senator apparently do not recall that Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

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