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Monday, April 18

Culture of Life is the Culture of Guns?

NRA Declares Victory Over Gun Foes

“Republican U.S. Rep. Henry Bonilla of Texas went a little further. Liberal "extremists" are "not just trying to punch a hole in the 2nd Amendment, they are trying to tear down our American way of life," he said. "They really don't like our country."

And “Rock star Ted Nugent, a member of the NRA board of directors, kicked off the conference with an electric guitar version of the national anthem, then musician Charlie Daniels emceed a tribute to past NRA legislative "heroes."

"Ladies and gentlemen, the left-leaning political faction in this nation is not only dangerous, they're silly and unrealistic," said the fiddle-playing Daniels.”

I’m so confused. If I don’t want to carry a gun, I’m dangerous? I’m silly? I’m unrealistic? If I don’t want other people to carry guns and kill other people, how does that make me dangerous? Just this morning on the news I heard about a little nine year old boy who shot his mom in the back of her neck and then he shot himself. I wasn’t what that little boy was holding when he killed his mom and then himself.

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