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Friday, April 1

Conspiracy Friday

A link Peter of LoneTree sent me inspired this post as well as some comments left here at the blog. I am not one of those paranoid conspiracy theorists but I can sure smell something foul... even fouler than the stench that was emitted from the remains of the WTC after 9/11.

While I may not agree with the conclusions that Alex Jones and his guest come to in the interview I just read, there are many incidents related by his guest that I have also heard from rescue workers I've met while working and drinking in many of Long Island's wonderful bars. The whole tragic event of 9/11 is even more tragic when you think of the massive coverup that went on.

Many of the civil employees of New York City live out here on Long Island. It seemed like a day didn't go buy for months after 9/11 where another Fireman's funeral didn't pass my house on the way to the Catholic cemetary. Later I talked to people who were there, I heard about the explosions before the towers came down. I heard about building 7 being pulled. I heard that there was no fire where the planes entered the towers because people were standing there by the holes. The fires went out and rescue workers were up there trying to get people out just before the buildings came down. There's more that I saw and heard that wasn't included in this article. For days and weeks after 9/11, mysterious road blocks went up, police cars were speeding around, traffic was snarled for months. It was bizzarro world and more bizzare after you spoke to people who knew stuff. It was a huge coverup. Why?

Here are some excerpts from Alex Jones' interview with the rescue worker that corroborate with what I had heard from others in his position (read the whole thing for more):
... the fact that anybody who was awake at all from the neck up will know that had people not been warned, 30,000 plus people would be dead today.

...I’ve got hundreds of interviews at Ground Zero of people who were saying that they were particularly themselves told not to go into work but then they say, “But you can’t put me on tape. I’ve been threatened.”

...And then they hauled the steel off to China.

...they claim that they found these passports of the hijackers. There wasn’t one piece of glass on the ground that was whole. I would like to know how it is possible that a plane that supposedly incinerated steel that is supposed to handle 4000 and 5000 degree Fahrenheit burning for days on end, a passport that was on that plane survived, in that kind of a ball of fire? I’d like to know how it happened. I’d like to know how all the convenient things were found but nothing, quote, unquote, inconvenient was found. ...Later it turns out that they were fakes and the government just dropped the story.

...They kept on telling people it’s a rescue effort, it’s a rescue effort and that’s about M-O-N-E-Y and nothing else. Money, money, money, send us your money. We’ve got things to take care of; we’ve got people to feed. There was food rotting on docks.

... the Red Cross kept saying, give us blood, give us blood, because most people won't give blood, they’ll give money. It’s the psychology. And it’s turned out that just thousands and thousands of gallons of blood was rotting. It was a joke.

...Again, it is admitted that the rescue workers and New Yorkers, period, but especially rescue workers, breathed all this asbestos and other chemicals. And there were treatments for all of this but Bush, personally, had the Congress shut down the money: 90 plus million because that would have been an admission of exposure.

... “Oh my God, it’s exploding. Oh my God, it’s exploding.” ...“Look at the bombs going off” or “It looked like detonators.” [crosstalk] of the blast points going down the sides of the buildings.

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