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Tuesday, April 26

Coffins! Get your new and used coffins right here.

Death Brings an Economic Boom to One Business in Baghdad

I don’t know about any warrantees but we have your used coffins and your new coffins.

“In his business there is no room for sectarianism. Coffins are made for both Sunni and Shiite Muslims, and sell for between 30 and 40 dollars.

Muslim dead are taken to cemeteries in coffins but their bodies are then taken out to be buried, in a shroud, directly in the ground.

Many of the used coffins are then donated to mosques and recycled.”

Finally some good news from Iraq. The coffin business is booming.

"During the days of Saddam (Hussein), I used to make one coffin a day. Now, I make scores of them and the demand increases with every suicide car bomb that explodes," said the 67-year-old Baghdadi.

With a daily fare of bombs and shootings up and down the country, it is rare that a day passes in the capital with no one falling victim to violence.”

So, Mr. Baghdad Coffin Maker, where’s the love, where’s the gratitude? Without the US invasion of your country and the overthrow of Saddam, you would still be in a one-a-day business. Now, because of the US, there is an unending demand for your product and we see no sign of an end to this coffin bubble.

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