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Tuesday, April 26

Bush on the Economy: You Eeeeediot

On Monday, the White House expressed hope that Saudi Arabia's plans to expand production would ease U.S. gasoline prices that have shot above $2.20 a gallon.

"A high oil price will damage markets and he knows that," Bush said of Abdullah...

Asked whether pump prices would drop, Bush said that would depend on supply and demand.

Hot damn, does he know his shit or what?

"One thing is for certain: The price of crude is driving the price of gasoline," Bush said. "The price of crude is up because not only is our economy growing, but economies such as India and China's economies are growing." -Oil Prices Drop After Bush Meets With Prince

It dawned on me this morning, that perhaps journalists just report what bush says without comment just because they are simply dumbfounded. Rather than being maligned as "liberal", they just report it as he says it so anyone with half a brain can just see what a dimwit we're dealing with. I don't think that they are allowed to say, "you can't make this shit up" in a news item.

After his meeting with bush at the ranch, Prince Bandar made this gesture.

Does it signify bush's brain or what?

What does it mean?


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