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Tuesday, April 26

Bush and his friend, supporter, house-boy, DeLay are in Galveston today talking up dismantling Social Security and then

Bush raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he asked locals in Galveston, Texas:"Do you still have Splash Day?""Splash Day" is the annual "adult oriented enormous beach party" celebration on the Gulf Coast.

BUSH: Do you still have Splash Day?


BUSH: You have to be a baby boomer to know what I'm talking about.


BUSH: I'm not saying whether I came or not on Splash Day. I'm just saying, Do you have Splash Day?


Bush was evidently unaware "Splash Day" is now a gay and lesbian event on the beaches.

While the above exchange was in today's Drudge Report, it hasn't been in the Houston Chronicle which did report that Tom DeLay was with Bush in Galveston basking in presidential approval.

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