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Monday, April 18


by pissed off patricia

I can’t remember which commenter left the message last week, but it was in regard to the Army signing up young boys for future service. According to Tom at Information Clearing House, that article was an April Fools joke.

Here’s what Tom wrote in his newsletter:

I included an article titled "Soldier boy : In an effort to increase its ranks for coming wars, the U.S. military is recruiting - and paying - children as young as 14 years old for future combat duty." in Fridays newsletter. It appears that this was an April fools joke.

A reader advises."I took the liberty of calling ((515) 953-4822) this periodical and spoke to a gal at the editor's desk. The story was indeed an April Fool's joke .... apparently the print issue noted that at the bottom of the page, but the disclaimer didn't carry over to the website.

But doesn't it say something about the current state of affairs that some of us (me included) would not consider Soldier Boy past the current administration?"

Sure does Tom!

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