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Friday, April 29

Al Franken, Senator in Minnesota?

From (watch an ad for free day pass)

Interesting article about Al Franken moving back to Minnesota and doing his talk show from Minneapolis because he is thinking of running for senator against freshman senator Norm Coleman who is supposedly tight with bush according to Jesse Ventura in the article. Coleman is a turncoat though. He supported Clinton in '96 and bush in 2000. The article says, "It was President Bush who asked Coleman to run for Senate in 2002. Vice President Dick Cheney then pressured Coleman's Republican opponent to step aside. Coleman coasted through the primary, only to face liberal icon Paul Wellstone." Then Paul Wellstone suddenly died in a plane crash 11 days before the election. Mondale was called in to replace him and was in the lead.

...And just as quickly, the political momentum shifted, especially after a raucous Wellstone memorial service (Sen. Trent Lott and other Republicans who attended were booed) was depicted by conservatives in the media as an example of Democratic excess and dysfunction not seen since the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.

To Franken, who attended the funeral and memorial service, it was Coleman who capitalized on the death of Wellstone, and the media firestorm that followed...

Even some nonpartisan observers insist Franken will have a hard time unseating Coleman. "Al Franken is a comedian," Jacobs says. "He hasn't lived in the state for a number of years. Why do we take it seriously apart from the fact that this guy creates a scene?" ...
Blondesense asked Minnesota liberal writer to comment on this situation.

Hell yes! We elected an unknown radical professor from a liberal college once--Paul Wellstone. And he walloped a heavily favored Republican, survived a Willie Horton-style attack in his second campaign against the same putz), and was becoming so popular in DC that the High Cabal saw to it that he had an unexplainable plane accident in Northern Minnesota.

MN politics is weird--we've had a Jewish senator since the Rayguns Revolution (Rudy Boschwitz, Wellstone, and Norm Coleman). Boschwitz accused Wellstone of "not being Jewish enough" in their last campaign. The smear didn't fly. Franken would love it it Nahmy made the same attack. I've seen Norm Coleman in a yarmulke once, and it was at a wedding where he was a guest and I was the best man! So we've each worn a yarmulke once in the last seven years, at least. Oh, and I'm Roman Catholic, btw.

Coleman is a native of NY come to Minnesota. Franken is a Minnesota boy who went to NY (to star on SNL) and comes back all the time. People see him as an expat. He would mount the same kind of campaign Wellstone did--humorous--to wallop Coleman. It would be an ass-kicking...55-44, Franken.

Speaking of "mounting," I wonder how family-values Senator Norm Coleman's estranged model-actress-wife is getting along in LA without him these days? Some say she spends so much time on the casting couch that she's seen more ceilings than Michaelangelo.

---thus spoke Lalock, King of the Mole People, here in Minnesota
Blondesense doesn't think Al Franken is very funny but enjoys the commentary on his radio on Air America nevertheless. He has great guests.

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