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Tuesday, March 22

Ya think it can't get much worse.

Ha! Check out this editorial.

A Cheney candidacy in 2008? The Washington Times

"President Bush famously rewards loyalty and competent service. There is one more promotion logical for him to make in his second term: engineering the 2008 GOP presidential nomination for Dick Cheney.

Such a move is not, of course, within the president's plenary authority. Others will surely want the nomination."


"But many of the boomers have kept themselves in decent shape, and all of them have benefited from tremendous advances in medical care and in health-consciousness. Mr. Cheney's their older brother. And he will have had the benefit of eight years of better than the best health care money can buy. He'll be fit to run if he wants to.

Who knows? But it does look like the stars are coming into alignment."

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