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Saturday, March 19

What Does This Mean?

Yesterday I had to fill a prescription for some antibiotics.
1 pill, once a day for 5 days.

My co-pay was $30! I asked the nice man at the counter if he was sure that this was right? He said that indeed it was what CIGNA wanted me to pay for these 5 pills. I asked him if he could check to see if I had purchased these pills without insurance if they would cost more than $6 each. He kindly obliged and returned to me with this amount written on my receipt: $100.99. I thanked him and decided that CIGNA would not be receiving one of my irate phone calls.

That's $20.20 per pill! HFS!

So if you don't have a lot of money and don't have health coverage, you don't get cured of chronic ear infections? You have to just endure being dizzy? How are you supposed to go to work or drive the car when you can barely remain vertical for more than a half hour at a time? Do they have crappier drugs for poor people that take longer to cure ear infections? And what about lost wages while waiting for the crappier, slower working drugs to kick in? If you do nothing and let the chronic ear infections play themselves out, you will suffer from some hearing loss. That could cost you a job. And what the hell is in these $20 pills? Gold? I wonder how much they cost in Canada?

I told my girlfriend about this travesty as we walked back to her car. We agreed that we are inexorably tied to our spouses for life if only for their HMO's and that there was no way we could drive off into the sunset and say fuck it all unless we choose the land of ice and snow, Canada. How will we do it when we're on Medicare? We're fucked.

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