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Wednesday, March 16

Welcome to Pissville! Today I'm the mayor.

The Senate voted to allow drilling in ANWR. It has already passed in the House three times so it's a go.
Beautiful, wild, pristine land in Alaska will be the scene of a rape of the environmental wilderness.
The fucking hogs who demand Hummers and SUV's should hang their greedy heads in shame. Our country will, for the sake of oil, destroy something beautiful.

ANWR got packaged into the budget bill with a wink and a nod. How lucky for those assholes who supported this bill that today oil prices rose yet again. This drilling fiasco won't stop in Alaska, count on it.

A Yale cheerleader who drilled for oil in Texas and came up empty, moves on now and tries again. Who will gain from the passing of this bill? The companies who receive the drilling contracts, and who might that be?

I suggest a day of mourning for what is about to die in Alaska.

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