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Wednesday, March 23

We Are Number One! woo hoo!

From the article America Rules:
The World Health Organization has released a study that verifies the United States is the undisputed champion in mental illness*, dominating various pathologies ranging from anxiety to depression to poor impulse control. We easily vanquished underachieving Old Europe in post-traumatic stress syndrome, bipolar disorder, and bulimia nervosa. Additionally, our magnificent land trounced the supposedly productive Asian countries in both senility and agoraphobia, while coasting past Africa in pediatric hyperactivity. In fact, there would have been a gold medal sweep for America if Ukraine had not cheated by submitting doctored urine to edge us out in substance abuse.
The author goes on of course to pin most of the mental illness on right wingers. He isn't really that far off though because they are some of most enfranchised victims I have ever witnessed on earth. Give them everything they want and they are still paranoid and angry. Gosh, they act like there is a liberal agenda. (singing theme to the Twilight Zone)

The author doesn't think all wingers are nuts:
" Just because right wingers believe the greeting “Happy Holidays” constitutes a threat to their personal liberty does not necessarily mean that every single one of them is cracked."
No, of course not. They are just hyper-sensitive what with all the crazy liberals running the country into the ground and all.

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