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Tuesday, March 22

Viva Lost Wages

Bush and the Republicans continue to say that Democrats should submit their ideas about how to change Social Security. Okay, I have an idea. How about we allow people to go to Las Vegas and play the tables with their money. Just as with Wall Street, some people amass a lot of money in Vegas. Most don't, but that's where my plan shines.

I mean, sure it's a gamble in Vegas, but so is Wall Street. In Vegas you get free food and cocktails while you are losing your ass. That isn't going to happen on Wall Street. Plus heck, you can see shows and all in Vegas. No shows on Wall Street, not one single, long-stemmed showgirl either.

Let's ask kids, would you rather mail your money to Wall Street, lose your ass and watch your money sail out the door to thieving CEO crooks or would you rather visit Vegas, eat and drink plus see a show, lose your ass and watch your money sail out the door to casino crooks? Ha! No screwin' contest.

Bush's idea of private accounts promises you nothing. My idea of gambling accounts at least promises you some fun. With either plan you'll probably get screwed, but with my plan, it might not hurt as much. The cocktails might numb the pain.

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