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Friday, March 18

This is Rich!

New teen Bible which discusses sex in a forthright manner for today's kids is slammed by the oh so very righteous at World Net Daily.

An example is given of how the teen bible works in a segment called Am I Gay?:
Says Trish: "All my friends are wondering if this guy or that guy likes them. I don't like any guys right now. Instead, I wonder if I have a crush on Sierra. She's one of my best friends."

Trish goes on to explain that her uncle tried to rape her when she was 12 and that ever since, "I haven't wanted any guy to touch me – not even my dad."

The follow-up warning to Trish's story directs the reader to read Romans 1:24-32, in which Paul condemns homosexual behavior.
Now if I were writing this annotated bible, I wouldn't have pointed this child who was nearly raped by her uncle to St Paul's admonishment of homosexuals in order to make her feel even worse. I'd point her to the story of Lot who offered his daughters to the rapists at his door shortly before the Lord rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. His daughters later got him drunk and got knocked up with his children. Lot was very righteous you know. Watch it at Brick Testament.

Then I would point the girl to my other favorite passages in the bible which show the great compassion of the righteous for the rape victims. Not. Dt Chapter 22. To get the full effect, please view these passages illustrated at the Brick Testament. If a man rapes or has sex with an engaged woman in a city, then they both must be killed. If he rapes a woman in the country, then only the man must be killed, if he rapes a woman who is not engaged in the country, then he must pay her dad money and marry her! Hey thanks Dad!

There is so much sex in the regular bible that I couldn't possibly list it all here without having to take a shower after smoking a cigarette. Heck, we used to look up the dirty parts when we were kids. But the very righteous christians don't see it that way and feel that a contemporary bible that still makes no sense of the sick shit that passed for sex 5,000 years ago is just plain wrong!

"I find this 'Bible' comparable to filthy graffiti smeared across the Word of God. Instead of edifying young girls and encouraging them to godliness it actually violates their purity by its very text."
"Having seven daughters myself, I am deeply grieved that parents would encourage their young daughters to read such graphic narratives. I would not give this 'Bible' to my 20-year-old virgin daughter to read – much less a 13-year-old. Why should she have images of oral sex, lesbianism and rape in her mind?"
The best thing to do, say some, is to just take your kids out of the world completely and home school them with all their brothers and sisters, so that they won't have to deal with things like sex. Jest don't let yer young'ns get a hold of them parts of the bahble that talk about brotherly and sisterly love, ya hear?

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