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Wednesday, March 16

This from newsletter today

"This is a horrifying piece of news. The AP set a standard for reporting events without bias or opinion. Now the AP has joined the rest of the media in their effort to manipulate public opinion. This is truly a horrifying notion and it is a devastating day for journalism. The link to this article can be found on the news page under Media. Here is a excerpt:

AP to Offer Two Leads for Some Stories - "The concept is simple: On major spot stories -- especially when events happen early in the day -- we will provide you with two versions to choose between," the AP said in an advisory to members. "One will be the traditional 'straight lead' that leads with the main facts of what took place. The other will be the 'optional,' an alternative approach that attempts to draw in the reader through imagery, narrative devices, perspective or other creative means."

An example of the differing leads:

Traditional: MOSUL, Iraq (AP) A suicide attacker set off a bomb that tore through a funeral tent jammed with Shiite mourners Thursday, splattering blood and body parts over rows of overturned white plastic chairs. The attack, which killed 47 and wounded more than 100, came as Shiite and Kurdish politicians in Baghdad said they overcame a major stumbling block to forming a new coalition government.

Optional: MOSUL, Iraq (AP) Yet again, almost as if scripted, a day of hope for a new, democratic Iraq turned into a day of tears as a bloody insurgent attack undercut a political step forward."

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