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Sunday, March 20

There is another medical problem going on here in Florida besides the Schiavo case, but you have probably not heard about this one.

From the Palm Beach Post today
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Malformed baby's parents wait on tests
"There is intense interest on the part of farmworker advocates and state investigators in exploring whether the births of the three Immokalee babies might be linked to pesticides."


"Herrera said she worked for the first part of her pregnancy in the fields, then continued to wash her husband's and brother's clothes when they came home from work.

She and her husband live in the same labor camp as the other two sets of parents who recently gave birth to malformed babies after working in the same fields. Jesus Navarrete was born Feb. 4 with Pierre Robin syndrome; his malformed jaw causes his tongue to fall back into his throat.

A second baby was born Feb. 6 with a missing nose and ear and without visible sexual organs. The infant was named Jorge, but later doctors told the parents their child was actually a girl, and so they named her Violeta. She died three days later.

Herrera and her husband don't know what to make of the three births, or, certainly, their future with their baby boy who has no arms or legs.

For now, they are coping only on a daily basis, shuttling between their Immokalee labor camp — where the father must keep working to make the weekly rent — and the brightly colored halls of Miami Children's."

Please, please read this story. While Congress plays badminton with Terri Schiavo's body, there are malformed babies being born and no one is all that upset about this situation. Would bush fly back to Washington today to sign a bill requiring a congressional investigation looking into why this baby and other babies of poor migrant workers are being born without arms and legs. I seriously doubt it. Why aren't the moral Christians in Florida raising hell about this?

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