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Friday, March 4

That's One Small Step For An Exotic Dancer, One Giant Leap For Human Rights:

"Publications giant and pornography/free speech advocate Larry Flynt offered his lawyers' services to a Coralville strip club that has recently entrenched itself in a First Amendment battle with the city of Coralville.
After receiving a letter informing him of Dolls Inc.'s woes, the creator of Hustler magazine said he would help the business, which filed suit against Coralville on Feb. 23 after city zoning laws barred the strip joint from moving to a piece of land south of Highway 6."

Where in the hell is Coralville? Just down the road apiece, next door to Iowa City. Them're the first two sentences of this article in the Daily Iowan. The article mentions the rain forest some folks want to build at the intersection I-80 and I-380. That's why the business has to move. Why a rain forest in Iowa? Don't ask. I'm embarrassed enough already.
Anyhow, if you get a chance, tell Larry thanks.

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