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Friday, March 25


By popular demand, Conspiracy Friday resumes.
Anything is possible at this point with these quacks running the country.

I have read many times that Cheney was at the control room running the show on 9/11 and supposedly ordering planes to be shot down, but I didn't know about Norman Mineta, whose testimony was stricken from the official 9/11 report.

This letter to Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta is long and there is a lot of subsequent reading to do. Was there a cover-up by our very own 9/11 Commission? Would anyone in our great nation deceive the people? Perish the thought. But keep reading. Stay informed. The truth is mixed up in there somewhere.

More information
9/11 Commission Testimony -Norm Mineta
Ari Fleisher's press conference on 9/12/01 Very interesting
9/11 Timeline -Center for Cooperative Research - best timelines with articles to back it up. Page takes a while to load. where was NORAD? dismantles NORAD press release
9/11 Timeline From the Wildnerness

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