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Sunday, March 20

Spin That Media

It's the anniversary of the stupid war, bush's approval rating is sinking, Americans are feeling insecure about the pretzelnit's social security non-plan for reform so baby bush had to bring his mommy along to assure people that her baby wasn't trying to hurt them and congress is wasting my time investigating steroid use among some baseball players as if nothing more important is happening on earth...

It's time to play "Spin the Media" a/k/a "It's the Hypocrisy, Stupid"
Tens of thousands of protesters gathered worldwide to protest the damn war that is killing hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq thanks to the bushistas, but what is heading the news this weekend? Certainly not the anti-war protests. That's unamerican. We are a pro-life country, right? Yeah right. We have to save a vegetative woman from going home to see Jesus. For a so-called "christian country", I find it rather odd that we are so opposed to letting nature/god take its course in extreme matters such as Terri Schiavo.

Bush is changing his plans this weekend to rush to sign emergency legislation that might save Terry Schiavo's life if he can get federal judges to rule on this case. This from a man who had no problem signing a law to allow hospitals to pull life support from patients whose bennies had run out, were probably less sick than Schiavo and of course were of the brown skinned persuasion. This from the culture of life man who signed more execution orders than any other governor. This from the man who started a goddamned war in Iraq dragging young men and women from America to fight for his whimsy, get killed or mutilated and then shaft them.

This should be a wake up call for all Americans to get a Living Will today or tomorrow. You never know if you or your loved ones could be dragged into the national spotlight while comatose and used for political gain by pigs in congress against your wishes. Write it down. Make it legal.

"Unplug and do not resuscitate me if I become a vegetable and there is no hope for recovery. Do not waste your life standing around my hospitable bed if it's unlikely I will ever regain consciousness or I would be an awake vegetable. Help someone else who is alive and well but poor. Help someone else who is expected to recover from illness but can't afford the medical care. Do it in my memory if it will make you feel better. Keep congress and the president out of this. If you put my picture in a newspaper, I will haunt you. This is just my body. It's not my soul. Go and live your life. I'll meet you on the other side eventually and we'll talk."

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