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Friday, March 18

Saving Private Dyin'

Everyone who knows me knows that if I should ever be in the same shape that Teri Schiavo is in now, they had damned well better pull the plug. They also know if anyone should keep me alive in that condition, when I do finally die I am coming back to make their life a living hell. Same with a casket, funeral and burial. No embalming, no casket, no viewing, no funeral. I want my body cremated and after that, I don't give a tinker's damn what they do with the ashes.

Now we have the state and federal government making decisions in a case that is none of their business. This whole situation is private and should be treated as such. The government voices are going out of their way to "save Teri's life". Her life is too far gone to save, and I deeply doubt they give a damn about her or her life. This is politics for their base. This is saying, see how compassionate your Republican government can be.

They kind of forget to mention while they are "saving" this woman's life, they are sending lives to be taken everyday in Iraq and they don't appear to sweat that one bit. Seems their primary concern is saving people who haven't been born and saving people who, for all means and purposes, are no longer alive. So if you have been born and you aren't in a vegetative state, how much do they care about your life? From what I have seen during this administration's run, not very much.

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