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Monday, March 28


By Bubba

I'm one of those old farts that you see in every town America, proudly astraddle the biggest Harley we can pay for, white beards flapping in the wind like the wings of an eagle. You might have to use your imagination a bit for that one. Bones creaking like the door hinges of a 55 chevy. Can we agree on that? But we always got our chest out, sometimes farther than our bellies. And we've always got that look in our eye. "This ain't no rice grinder son", it says.

Once in a while some kid on one of them japanese crotch rockets comes flying by me. I would tell him if he would slow down long enough, he just passed a whole car load of blondes flashing their boobs at him. Dumb ass kid. Now don't get me wrong I ain't so old I don't appreciate blondes flashing their tits, but who do you think is helping me pay for this American Thunder? Thats right, I got a good woman at home. She gave me three sons and put up with my bullshit for 23 years. I won't find no better than that, not in this life anyway. I know what you're thinking, "I've seen plenty of old farts riding them big old Hondas". I credit that to early stages of alzheimer's. They just forgot what's cool. Republicans . . .Why Harley? Cause it's American made. A legend of American craftsmanship. An icon of American values. Truth, Justice for all, liberty, and freedom. Which brings me to what this rant is really all about.

It's about my home and yours, America. As you might have guessed, I'm a tough old bird. But right now I've got tears in my eyes. Tears for Americas son's and daughter's off fighting and dying in a war built on a mountain of propaganda and bald-face lies. Tears for the many thousands who have died and lost loved one's as a result of America's military action in Iraq. An action that is unamerican and illegal. Why should one son die to defend a constitution that is being ripped to shreds here at home? With every social program under attack, what are they fighting for? Health care, child care, medicare, education, jobs, Veterans benefits. You name it folks, and if this satanic administration ain't cutting it, you don't need it. I've got one word for anybody who is still under the delusion that gwb is a christian . . . Liar! And a question . . . who did Jesus say was a liar and the father of lies? You can't lie for Jesus. You can't torture, piss on the Geneva Convention, and declare an illegal war for the good of America. Let America be the policeman of the world? But let her be a neighbor first.

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