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Tuesday, March 29

Maybe THIS Is Why The Main Stream Media Won't Go Near The Gannon/Guckert Story

In Other Words, They're Afraid Of Getting Their Asses Shot Off.

Let's start with the assumption that Hunter Thompson was working on a book detailing the "...homosexual pedophile underground which permeates the MSM, Washington, DC, & BOTH political parties, a la the Franklin Coverup scandal of the 80's& 90's". (LINK)

Now let's assume also that he was "suicided". "...the semi-automatic Smith &Wesson 645 found next to Thompson's body was in an unusual condition. There was a spent shell casing, but although there were six bullets left in the gun's clip, there was no bullet in the firing chamber, as there should have been under normal circumstances." (LINK)

Then there's this:
Suiciding' Reporters

"The "suicide" deaths of Hunter Thompson, Gary Webb and J.H. Hatfield show that reporters who expose the criminal activities of our political elite risk their lives. They are on the front line of freedom. When they are killed, it means very bad things are in store for us.

"In the latest issue of "World Currency Review," veteran British intelligence analyst Christopher Story warns us to expect a tyranny in America worse than Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.

"Hunter Thompson was killed late last month. He was working on stories dealing with a homosexual callboy (or programmed sex slave?) ring in the Bush White House and the demolition of the World Trade Center." (LINK)

Finally, from
Amber Alert on Capitol Hill

"Witness says abducted children--23 now dead--abused by 20-30 pedophile members of congress at child sex parties held at Embassy Row mansion where Secret Service-secured presidential limo was seen parked outside."

"Questions can also be raised as to whether Hunter Thompson’s death and the James Guckert-Jeff Gannon White House reporter scandal resulted in having Nelson taken out of circulation to intimidate or threaten him while also using the opportunity to search for criminal evidence--the kind which would place sitting and retired members of congress in severe legal jeopardy."

Read Flocco's entire article HERE.

Scared yet? Right now, I'm working on a list of mysterious deaths and "suicides". The list is going to stretch back at least 40 years.

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