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Saturday, March 19


City To Offer Asylum To Writers
"For nearly four decades, the University of Iowa's International Writing Program has helped provide refuge for authors fleeing persecution in their native lands.

"That distinction will become official when Mayor Ernie Lehman proclaims Iowa City as the fifth city to join the North American Network of Cities of Asylum. Lehman will make the proclamation during Tuesday's City Council meeting.

"The university and the International Writing Program has always provided a safe haven for writers," said writing program director Christopher Merrill. "It highlights one of the important missions of the writing program, which we like to think (that) we are a beacon of hope for writers everywhere."

"Based in Las Vegas, the asylum network provides safe havens for writers who are under threat of death, torture or imprisonment in the native countries. Iowa City will join Las Vegas, Ithaca, N.Y., Santa Fe, N.M., and Pittsburgh as network host cities.

That's the headline and lead sentences of this article
in the Iowa City Press-Citizen. I invite my readers to read the article which has a link at the bottom for feedback. I've already composed and sent my own letter which says that as long as Jose Padilla remains imprisoned without charges (for 2 years and 286 days as of today) then the "asylum program" is not worth shit.

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