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Thursday, March 31

International Blog Comment Week

The Heretik says it's International Blog Comment Week. (Thanks to Rox, who says "Delurk Yourself")That means you have to shout out to bloggers on their comments. So give us a shout out at Blondesense. Give a shout out to many of the other fine bloggers on the blogroll. Shout at the Heretik too. Shout out to the All Spin Zone. There are many good posts there but one in particular struck me this morning. It seems that the powers that be who were hell bent on feeding one person are also hell bent on starving the poor. (A fine anti-christian tradition, I might add) I find it all so ironic since these same people are also rabid anti-abortionists who would force poor people to have babies, yet refuse to help feed them. And visit Crooks and Liars for a run down on all the wingnuts who have been booed and canned and vilified while you're shouting out. It's so refreshing to see that some people are not getting away with assholiness all the time.

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