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Thursday, March 31

Interesting discussion happening

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Adam and Eve, the creation story. What does it really mean for us?
Did God make us robots and then when Eve ate the forbidden fruit of knowlege and began to think for herself did God get mad at her and punish all mankind as it says in the bible?

What the apple mean? Why did God put the tree of knowledge right in the middle of the garden if he didn't want them to eat from it? Is God a big fat malicious tease? Or is it a metaphor for something else?

Perhaps early humans were having a bad hair day when they wrote this legend and wished that they didn't have to think so much. They felt the need to blame the burden of having free will on someone or something. Free will isn't easy to deal with, as we all know. We collide. Sometimes we do wish that God would stick his hand down out of the sky and stop bad people from doing bad stuff to others, but he doesn't. Damn that free will.

Before science, people believed that the earth was flat and that the sky was a rotating dome over the earth. Everything that happened to them which can now be explained as natural phenomena was attributed to God or the gods. It's very plain to see just by reading the bible. One minute people are slaughtering each other and the next minute God is sending a plague. Of course plague breaks out when there are dead bodies laying all over the place. They didn't know that back then. Even during the Black Plague in Europe, people weren't sure what caused it.

There are people alive today who take this all literally. They renounce science. They like to think of the bible as a rule book. Why? Well it probably goes back to earlier times, when it was just plain easier to blame everything on God rather than to think for one's self. But that's just my opinion.

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