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Friday, March 25

In the Handbasket to Hell, We Do Not Ride Alone

Since I get most of my inspiration for blog posts from the comments section here, as I have somehow caught Persistant Vegetative State Syndrome, PVSS, from paying attention to the MSM, mainstream media, I'd like to point you to Whiskey Bar, as per our very own Al Hill, commenter du jour, who likes to yell into the wind because it makes him feel better (same here, Al), where the erudite bartender, Billmon, explains his absense last year and the futility of blogging. It's a long but compelling read. I hear ya, Billmon!

Yes, progressive bloggers probably won't do anything major to change the world or influence the fascist media but I always say that we have each other to keep ourselves amused and sane while clutching each other's virtual hands and serving each other some snark and cocktails as we ride together, side by side, performing oral sex on each other, togther in the handbasket on its way to hell.

Somebody stop me. I'm going back to bed now.
Thank you for the graphic, Earl, you angel...

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