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Thursday, March 24

A Holy Thursday Reflection

"Right To Life" and "Christian" Protesters outside Woodside Hospice.

Hmmm. Is that Christ on the cross I see in the above photo?
Did not Jesus suffer and die on the cross so that we may have everlasting life?
...that we may not fear death anymore?
...that all our sins are forgiven?

Did Jesus not ride on a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday knowing full well that he would be arrested and then face his execution? Did he not know that scourging at the pillar was part of the deal?

Jesus didn't have to go to Jerusalem that warm sunny Sunday where he was welcomed by his followers who waved palms. He could have gone somewhere else and lived a nice long life, got married, had kids... Alas, he followed his Father's will even though at one point He told his Father that it would be okay if the cup of suffering would be taken away from him. He was human. It wasn't easy for his mother, Mary Magdalen and his disciples to see him suffer and die, but they had faith in what he had taught them. Their faith brought them through that terrible time. They prayed, they wept and mourned as any human beings would do when someone they loved was about to go home to the heavenly Father. They had hope.

So what is up with the faith and hope of today's Christians?
Would Jesus recognize them?

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