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Thursday, March 24


I've never seen it, but there is a TV show called "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". I heard of it when the company that remodeled my house last year proudly boasted that they do work for that particular television show. In today's Newsday there are pictures of a nice man and his kids who were lucky enough to have their "tiny 800-foot cottage" extremely made over because his young wife had died and he had 3 small boys to raise alone in that shoebox of a home because no one on Long Island is expected to have to live in such a tiny house in this day and age. I think my house is a tiny bit larger than that and somehow we have survived here for 24 years, thank Jaysus.

The article goes on about how great this is and there are pictures of women in the neighborhood there to check out Ty Pennington the host of the show who is supposedly cute, but I think he acts like a jerk on the Sears commercials, and it makes you filled with joy that this poor family finally has a whopping 2,400 sq. feet in which to sprawl across the former potato fields of Long Island where there is the largest incidence of breast cancer in the US. The home improvement company even threw in a fishing boat named after their deceased matriarch. Very touching.

Here's the catch. The house at 800 sq feet was taxed at $3,200/yr (how do you like them apples, those of you who live elsewhere and pay third of that for a big house with actual land? I pay twice that.) and now that the house has been improved, their taxes will skyrocket to $11,500/yr. yikes!

Will he have to sell the fishing boat to pay the taxes?
Would they have to sell the house and move to a place with cheaper taxes?
The realtor says that the house went from a value of $375,000 to $825,000.
Of course that assumes that someone would want to pay that much money for a house in a $400,000 neighborhood. I wouldn't. You always want to buy the worst house in a good neighborhood.

PS. The homeowner is a Suffolk County police officer. Nevermind. They are very well paid. Very. Probably not moving.

I am.

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