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Saturday, March 26

Has The Circus Left Town Yet?

Can the rest of us resume our lives and try not to feel so guilty about those that we "so callously" let die because we did not get the president, the governor, the congress, fake doctors and nurses in to testify that not enough was done to save the lives of our loved ones who have passed away? Is this supposed to be the new American thing now? Don't let anyone die under any circumstances? And if they do, at least know that you have inconvenienced millions of people enough to make their death worth it? Ridicule judges for only doing their jobs? Do they want us to block the parking lots of hospices across America and insist that each and every human life is sacred to such an extent that everyone will be kept on life support no matter what?

We are now officially playing God here in Murka. You don't even have to think anymore. The next thing you know, they'll be putting you in jail for not taking better care of yourself. You can bet your bippy that the next issue in congress will be to vote that there are no more judges.

How can I possibly visit the cemetary on easter? My mom, dad and brother are there. Should I be riddled with good old fashioned Catholic guilt? Did I let them all down by not getting congress involved in their health care? Was I a bad health care proxy for my parents? Is it a sin to sign a DNR? Am I going to hell? oh excuse me, this is hell. Or should I be mad that my country allowed them to die? They were denied their right to life! Maybe I should sue someone.

Lucky for dad, he died in time. Medicare said they would only pay for hospice for a certain length of time. If he didn't die soon enough, we'd have to take care of him by ourselves. We had been doing that with home hospice for 6 months. That information gave my mom an actual stroke, poor thing. Dad died, mom became partially incapacitated, well majorly incapacitated and legally blind from her stroke. I took care of her until she died in her sleep a year later. Now they want to make us all feel guilty?

Easter used to be the best holiday too. I'm Pissed Off Elizabeth today.

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