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Thursday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's, oops, St. Patricia's Day!

by Saint Pissed off Patricia

I'm sure it was supposed to be St. Patricia's Day. Someone just made a grievous typo way back in history.

Kiss me, I'm Irish!  Really, half of me is Irish and that's the kissing and hugging and drinking half. 

Wear green today.  Drink green beer.  Eat corned beef and cabbage.  Just please god, don't play Irish music.

Hang onto anything that's green.  Green things, like trees and money, are in danger due to the bush administration.  Apparently our government is out to destroy all things green.  They are destroying our financial system and our environment.  Why does our government hate green things?  Is the abolition of green beer next on their agenda?  You never know, drink up!

Would you pay to see two liberal, bitchin' women tag-team wrestle a couple of conservative Christian, tight-assed women?  If the liberal women wore kick-ass boots and war paint while the conservative women wore ruffled aprons and make-up, would you attend the event?  Well, based on yesterday's comments, there are some gentlemen over at Jesus' General who think it's a pretty good idea. Thank you Ms. Anntichrist S. Coulter, for agreeing to be my partner in this endeavor.

Sometimes you have to get silly to avoid going insane.  You gotta laugh and have fun whenever you can, because who knows what tomorrow may bring.  Step outside yourself and let your imagination run free.  It's okay to break a few rules as long as no one gets hurt in any way.  As they used to say, "get down with your bad self" once in awhile.  What better day to do it than today?  Just for today let the good times roll.  Give your anger and frustration a break. You deserve it.  Just for today, if you can, don't let one freakin' thing get you down.  Don't give into the temptation. Don't let the bastards get you down.  It's St. Patricia's Day, and since I am indeed a saint, I declare today to be a day of fun with no intrusion of anger.  Now go, have fun, and we'll resume our bitchin' and pissin' tomorrow.


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