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Sunday, March 27

Happy Easter and Birthdays in April

I learned some great lessons from you yesterday. I'll make a point not to go to church wearing my pj bottoms. I will not hide Easter eggs in automobile exhaust pipes. I will count all the Easter eggs before and after hiding them. I will do my best if I should ever be in a contest where you roll Easter eggs. Every Easter I will have Peeps on hand, unless of course Honey is expected to visit.

As of this past Friday night I have refused to return to the dark side of current events. Since it's sea turtle nesting season here and Mr. Pop is busy as hell, our lives are in the gentle spin cycle. For that reason, Friday night I was home alone. The news was all Schiavo, all the time. The news seemed to impose a heavy weight on anyone who watched. There were no instructions regarding where to carry this weight or how to get rid of it. After I got my shower and I was preparing for bed, I found myself in a funk. In desperation I turned the TV to the station that plays old sit-coms all the time. Murphy, my best canine friend, and I plopped down on the bed, let our brains take a break and laughed at the simple humor of days gone by. Okay, Murphy conked out and I did the laughing. It worked too. I could actually feel the stress and angst flow away into the night. Since that time I have limited how much of the news I'll watch. I take a quick peek into what's going on and then I have to shut it down. Nope, I will not carry the weight they hand out. I'm staying away from the dark side for a while because I need to do that. I need to pull away from all that is there and concentrate on the right now and right here. It's amazing how the brain will kick into another gear given the opportunity. The addiction to current events is somewhat difficult to cure, but I think that it's healthy to try.

Today, after the Easter Sunrise groups have left the beach, we're going over to the beach and walk in the surf. We'll look for shells, sea glass and if we're lucky we'll find a sea bean. Just us, the sunshine, and the Atlantic Ocean keeping one another company. Yeah, this is the same Atlantic Ocean that rushed right out of its boundaries and chomped up the beach along with landward surroundings last year. It wasn't the ocean's fault. The hurricanes of 2004 aggravated it until it fought back. There are still scars on the beach from the brutal attack, but much healing has occurred. The ocean and beach are ready to welcome back their friends, and I am very proud to be one of those friends.

I will not be on line for the next couple of days. The Easter Bunny dropped off a new computer and this old one will be going to the computer guru to have its files transferred to the new one. This comes at a perfect time for me because not being able to be on line will force/allow me to get some things accomplished here at home. I'll spend more time tending the plants, the house and my life. And, I will continue my venture away from the dark side of events. I'm so very tired of negativity and I so very much want to hunt, not for Easter eggs, but for the positive features of life. There has to be a balance. We all live X number of days and I've decided to try to add some sunshine to as many of those days as I can. Just like watching those old sit-coms, I'm stepping back to what makes me laugh and relax. I'm not selling out. I'm just closing the shop for a few days. Time for inventory you might say.

Birthdays in April

Before I close this post, I want to ask a favor. April is my birthday month and I want to share the fun. Is your birthday in April or is someone close to you having a birthday in April? If so, email me their name, first or first and last, or your pet name for that person and the date of their birthday. If you want to include something I can share about them, send that too. I want to wish each of these people a very happy birthday on their own special day. As soon as this post is on the screen I will post a comment with it and include my email address. If I have enough birthday candles, I might continue the birthday wishes into the coming months.

Gotta go now. I will miss you guys and I'll see you as soon as the new computer is fired up and ready to rock and roll. Until then, enjoy yourselves and please don't let the negatives consume you. You deserve so much better.

Until later,


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