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Sunday, March 27

Good Morning

This morning while we were eating the traditional Blonde family Easter breakfast of chocolate eggs while perusing the Newsday, we read this startling statement from a Vatican spokesman:
"The Vatican has to keep the appearance . . . that the pope is fully in command because everything in the Catholic Church depends on the active participation of one man. Everyone else's power derives from that one man. And if that one man is not actively doing something, then no one has the authority to do anything. Everything shuts down,"
Wow. Ponder that for a moment. I'll wait.

B-b-but who will translate God's wishes for the faithful?

President Bush comes to mind.
"Nooooooooooooooooo!" She cries, pushing away the newspaper, nervously playing with the foil egg wrappers, feeling the chocolate churning inside as a wave of nausea passes over her like an altar boy's dread when he finds himself alone in the sanctuary with the priest who touches him in bad places.

There was a picture of the back of the pope's head in Newsday too. The story opened with this:
It was a moving but also disturbing image: a meditative Pope John Paul II, shown only from the back or in profile, sitting alone in his private chapel Friday night.

Why, many viewers wondered, was the ailing, 84-year-old pontiff's face not shown during about 20 camera shots of him watching the Way of the Cross re-enactment across town?
Church watcher's and pundits conclusions were summed up in the article yet no one suggested that it might have been a stand-in Pope or a body double. The pope showed up at his window this morning to look out at the flock, yet was unable to speak. It appeared to be the real pope. Business as usual.

My girlfriend is visiting Italy for her 50th birthday in April. She wants to view the magnificent art at the Vatican. She will not be able to see the Sistine Chapel if the Pope passes away and they shut down Vatican City. She asks that we keep the Pope in our prayers that he may hang in there for a few more weeks. But of course, darling.

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