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Saturday, March 26

Easter Bunnies and Bonnets and Memories

Remember the feeling you had on Easter morning when you were a little kid? I remember one Easter in particular, my fifth one.

My mom always made my Easter dress. I would almost always have brand new shoes, a brand new little purse and if the money was good, I'd have a brand new Easter hat/bonnet too.

The Easter when I was five years old was one of the best. I had all the above stuff plus little white gloves, white socks with lace on them and brand new under pants with a little white lace on those too. Getting dressed for church was so exciting because everything was new. New, shiny, and oh so gorgeous to me. Man, I thought I was the queen of the world. My mom or dad took a picture of me that morning when I was all ready to leave for Sunday school. The Easter Bunny had left a big plush bunny for me. A great, wonderful, yellow plush bunny and he was mine. So there I stood on the sidewalk in Knoxville Tennessee holding the most magnificent bunny while clad in the most magnificent outfit. I was cruising at the top level that morning. What an Easter!

Funny the things you treasure as a kid. At Easter I treasured plush bunnies, and new clothes. I no longer have to wait until Easter to enjoy the fun of new clothes, but I do treasure plush bunnies today just as much as I did that Easter morning standing on the sidewalk in Knoxville Tennessee.

Okay now, it's your turn. Share an Easter memory with me and with all of us. Funny memories work, any kind of memory about a special Easter in your life.
Fill in the blank. It wouldn't be Easter without ________ ,

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